NEW RELEASE! Lee Stacey is back in the guise of Pilchard, with a collection of previously unreleased and until recently, thought completely lost tunes written sometime between 1997 and 2003.

Listen to Pilchard – Classics ’97-’03 on YouTube


  1. Burgess Hill Skank
  2. Chip Fat Skank
  3. Slow Jam Tart
  4. Fridge With a Gun
  5. Cursed Tin Opener
  6. Diary of a Bipolar Explorer
  7. Al Gore’s Riddim Section
  8. I Don’t Know What I’m Singing
  9. Pilchard’s Cunky┬áDrummer
  10. Obviously Broken
  11. Invasion of the Pilchards Parts 1-3
  12. Pilchard’s Slow Descent Into Madness
  13. Probably Someone’s Darkest Hour
  14. Fuck You I’m Alive

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This album is dedicated to Rob Richardson who found these tunes kicking about on his hard drive, Cheers, Rob!

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