His name is Pilchard and he is funky. Some of these interesting remixes of Pilchard Tzachitx are also pretty funky.

Ever since Pilchard’s Tzachitx was included as a demo tune in the popular music production suite, FL Studio, it has been remixed and ripped off more times than Pilchard has had hot dinners. He’s had a few. You’ve seen him, right?

Naturally, some are good, some are bad, and some should simply never exist. Anyway, without any ado at all, let’s get to the list. They’re all on Soundcloud, so if you have an account, go give the artists some love and tell them you were sent by us!

Pilchard – Tzachitx Remixes

Note: Yes, there are more than 10 tracks. The list keeps growing!

Pilchard – Tzachitx Original Version

And here’s the original version of Tzachitx by Pilchard, just for reference:

Want more Pilchard flavoured music?

All the Tzachitx remixes

There are many more remixes on YouTube and Soundcloud. Many thousands, in fact, so we can’t list them all here. However, if you are interested, I’ll save you typing that awkward name (what does Tzachitx even mean?) into the search bar.

Pilchard Tzachitx Remixes on Soundcloud

Pilchard Tzachitx Remixes on YouTube

Sadly, most of them are utter crap and most aren’t even remixes. They’re simply a direct rip-off. I guess we’ve all got to start somewhere, right?

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